Maintaining Your Caravan

Caravans are highly reliable machines that are built to last. They do not need a lot of work to stay in top shape but owners should be diligent with the basics. After all, these cost a fair amount to acquire. Taking care of them will extend the service life and make the investment worth every penny. Certain issues occur again and again with this type of vehicle. They are specific to the design and application. Aside from the usual problems with automobiles like troublesome engines, unresponsive brakes, and rough suspension, caravan owners must proactively prevent the following:

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Water Leaks

Water is necessary for cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, and various other daily activities. Caravans contain large tanks to store several litres at a time. The supply can be replenished at stops along a journey. Over time, the system can develop weak areas that may eventually succumb to pressure. Small holes can be a source of leaks that will spread moisture around the vehicle. If spotted quickly, then they should be easily remedied with sealants and other solutions. If ignored for a long time, the area around them can suffer from corrosion and decay. This will be a much bigger problem that will require massive repair.

Broken Windows

Windows may be hit by objects while the vehicle is stationary or moving. Kids nearby may be playing with a ball or strong winds might be sending debris flying all around. It is tempting for owners to ignore the problem if there is no complete breakage. However, the cracks are only going to get worse with time due to the vibrations. They might become a hazard to the occupants once they shatter. Rain can also get inside through these cracks. Minor damage might be fixed through repairs. For major damage, talk to the experts about possible caravan window replacement.

Frayed Wires

There are lots of circuitry around these vehicles because of the added facilities. It pays to inspect the wires from time to time just to check if everything is in order. Make sure that the ends are connected securely and that the protective coating are not frayed.

Torn Awnings

The awnings provide instant shade against the harsh sun. They protect the occupants from blinding light and reduce the energy needed by the air conditioning unit to cool down the interiors. Check if the awnings sustained any damage after a storm or strong winds. If there is any bend, tear, or dislocation, then have it fixed right away.